Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (2/2/12)

Here are five recommended reads for today (2/2/12)

  1. Stephen Lacey of Climate Progress reports, “In less than one week, eight U.S. coal plants representing 4,099 MW of capacity have been put on the chopping block for closure or have been delayed in court due to environmental concerns. It is yet more proof of the major changes taking place in the American coal industry.”
  2. DeSmogBlog has “video footage of Gasland director Josh Fox being arrested by Capitol police” yesterday. As DeSmogBlog explains, the ““Gasland” filmmaker and anti-fracking advocate…was ejected out of the Energy and Environment subcommittee meeting on fracking after he attempted to film it.”
  3. Renewable Energy World has an “executive roundtable” discussion on “the possibility of a North America sans renewable tax grants, the pros and cons of low-cost manufacturing of PV modules, the role of renewable energy in light of the natural gas revolution, and more.”
  4. According to ThinkProgress Green: “Spurred by high energy prices, Royal Dutch Shell announced today profits of $31 billion for 2011, up by 54 percent since 2010. The company is making more profit on fewer barrels of oil and cubic feet of natural gas.”
  5. The Washington Post reports, “Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is heading to Baltimore to announce what department officials say is a major step toward developing wind energy off the coasts of Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and New Jersey.”